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Founders: Andrew Luna & Austin Huff

Series: Pre-Seed

Sector: Healthcare SaaS

Hound is creating a better employee experience for the people of veterinary medicine. The new way to connect with talent and create a healthier culture.

Hound Company Logo White

Revolutionizing the Future of Work in Veterinary Medicine: Acquires Relief Rover and Secures $4.5M in Funding. is a leading veterinary staff recruitment and retention software company that is revolutionizing the future of work in veterinary medicine. Their platform offers job seeking, career management, recruitment, and talent management services through their searchable job postings and resumes database access. They are proud to announce that they have recently acquired Relief Rover, a leading veterinary relief platform, and are unifying their teams, communities, and technology to continue building a better, brighter future for veterinary medicine . 


Their mission is to create a world where people work how they want, love their work, and care for more pets. They are backed by venture capitalists and have secured a total of **$4.5M** in funding, including a $700K pre-seed round in 2022, several technology and veterinary angels, and Leap Venture Studio, plus over 100 frontline veterinary workers who participated in their pre-seed crowdfunding campaign they made available  . 


At Hound, they are committed to increasing veterinary retention, bettering veterinary employee engagement, and making recruiting veterinary talent easier. Their team has decades of veterinary industry experience and is dedicated to building a better future for veterinary medicine . 


Thank you for considering for your veterinary staffing needs. They look forward to helping you find great talent, retain your workers, and improve access to veterinary care.

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