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GoTu is leading the shift towards a more modern gig economy marketplace.

Founders: Ed Thomas, Gary Gahm
Series: Seed
Sector: B2B SaaS, Healthcare, Marketplace

Florence Company Logo

Florence is an innovative technology marketplace for care takers with shifts and e-learning.

Founders: Dr. Charles Armitage & Dan Blake
Series: Series B
Sector: B2B SaaS, Healthcare, Marketplace


Vertically focused SaaS changing the CRM/Marketing experience for auto repair shops, allowing them to boost customer engagement and marketing efficiency.

Founders: Parker Swift

Series: A
Sector: B2B SaaS


An on-demand marketplace that connects parents who need childcare with other trusted stay-at-home parents who can care for their kids.

Founders: Gretchen Salter

Series: Seed
Sector: Marketplace / Childcare

Hound Company Logo

Hound is creating a better employee experience in veterinary medicine.

Founders: Andrew Luna & Austin Huff
Series: Pre-Seed
Sector: Healthcare SaaS

Fetcher Company Logo

Fetcher automates candidate sourcing and outreach for companies.

Founders: Andres Blank & Chris Calmeyn
Series: Series B
Sector: B2B SaaS


AI-Driven cyber security platform for real-time scam detection, protecting both enterprises and their consumers.

Founders: Al Pascual, John Evans

Series: Pre-Seed
Sector: B2B SaaS / Data Security


The ultimate technology platform to assist founders in capital planning, fundraising and KPI management.

Founders: Vlad Cazacu, Mark Bugas

Series: Pre-Seed
Sector: B2B SaaS

Spiky AI Logo

AI powered insights and coaching for sales calls. A platform for deep non-verbal cues and context, revolutionizing the way people utilize meetings. 

Founders: Furkan Eris, Burak Aksar

Series: Seed
Sector: B2B SaaS

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